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By Putnam Family Dental
December 19, 2017
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Familiarity and convenience go a long way in making life's necessities a little easier for everyone involved. At Putnam Family Dentistry infamily dentist Putnam, CT, our dentists and staff strive to make this a reality for all our patients, from children to seniors. If you're unsure about the benefits of a family dentist, this post from Dr. Alaa Ahmed and Dr. Islam Dehis is a great place to start!

Establishing a relationship

One of the best ways you can help your children become comfortable with their dental visits is by staying consistent. When you have a family dentist like Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Dehis at Putnam Family Dental, your child will become acclimated to our friendly office environment early in life and will know what to expect each time they visit. They'll get to know our staff and the routine of their appointments. Likewise, you can feel comfortable as both a parent and a patient knowing that your experience will remain consistently professional and accommodating, regardless of your age or dental needs. Our staff has been fully trained in meeting the unique needs of all of our patients.

Convenience of appointments

Having all your family's dental records in one convenient place - your Putnam family dentist's office - makes life easier for you. With a family dentist, you don't have to worry about calling several different places to make appointments, traveling all over the area to get to them, and then trying to keep track of financial and insurance information at each location. In many cases, we can make your entire family's appointments for one day, eliminating the inconvenience to take extra time off of work and school.

If you're ready to consolidate your family's dental health, it's time to contact Putnam Family Dental in Putnam, CT. We'd be happy to help you!