How Implants Work
By Putnam Family Dental
May 09, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures
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You have heard about dental implants, the preferred tooth replacement choice. However, you really don't understand how they work. At Dental-ImplantPutnam Family Dental, Dr. Alaa Ahmed and Dr. Islam Dehis specialize in implant dentistry. They can explain the procedure from start to finish and tell if you qualify for these marvelous artificial teeth.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant replaces a natural tooth root. The device is crafted from titanium, a naturally-occurring metal known for its remarkable biocompatibility. In fact, human bone quickly adheres to titanium, making it the best choice for dental implants.

An implant device resembles a screw or cylinder. If a patient has good oral health and adequate bone in the jaw, he or she can receive an implant(s) as the foundation for a single-tooth replacement or to anchor dentures or bridgework.

Dr. Ahmed or Dr. Dehis carefully examines the oral health and jaw bone density of each prospective implant patient. If everything checks out, the dentist places the implant during a brief oral surgery procedure right at Putnam Family Dental.

Over the subsequent weeks, the jaw bone and implant bond together through something known osseointegration. When healed completely, the implant can accept a metal alloy post and dental crown fashioned from high-quality porcelain. That's it. The new tooth is complete and ready to use.

If a patient requires more extensive tooth replacement, multiple implants can secure either fixed or removable dentures according to patient need and preference.

Dental implants are highly successful

In fact, the American College of Prosthodontists praises implants as up to 95 percent successful at the outset. Long-term, implants stay healthy and function well for many decades.

Keys to success are healthy bone and gum tissue. To keep implant sites viable, patients should:

  • Maintain consistent oral hygiene habits at home and see their dentists twice a year for professional cleanings and examinations
  • Stop all tobacco usage (cigarettes cause peri-implantitis, an infection as destructive as advanced gum disease)
  • Avoid excessive pressures on their teeth (wear a bite guard to soften the forces of habitual grinding and clenching)

Could implants work for you?

There's a sure way to know. Call the dental implant experts--Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Dehis--at Putnam Family Dental in Putnam, CT. You'll receive a comprehensive evaluation, to determine a tooth replacement plan right for your situation. Phone the office staff to schedule an appointment at (860) 928-5334.