Are You Interested in Implant Dentistry?
By Putnam Family Dental
December 30, 2020
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Dental implants are among the most popular and long-lasting options for replacing missing teeth. Consulting with one of our dentists Dr. Alaa Ahmed or Dr. Islam Dehis here at Putnam Family Dental in Putnam, CT, about implant dentistry will determine if you’re right for the procedure. Meanwhile, here’s a quick look at what happens during the implant dentistry procedure.

Implant Dentistry: The Initial Planning and Examination

Your dentist will consider the following factors when planning and determining your eligibility for dental implants. These are:

  • Your overall health
  • The condition of your jaws and oral tissues
  • The position, size, and shape of your jawbones as well as surrounding teeth

When planning for implant dentistry, your Putnam, CT, dentist will likewise screen for specific health issues like diabetes and other diseases, as these could significantly raise the risk for implant failure.

To demonstrate the proper angulation and placement of the implant, an acrylic guide will be used. Plaster models may also be used in some instances. CT scans and/or x-rays images will then be used for checking the density and position of your jawbones.

Implant Dentistry: The Dental Implant Surgery

The surgery entails making a tiny cut in the treatment site to expose the jawbone underneath. A dental drill will then be utilized for shaping the spot where the implant will be placed. Depending on your specific circumstances, the surgery might involve one to two stages.

With a one-stage implant procedure, the dental implant will be surgically positioned and then protected with a sturdy healing cap. The cap will be removed in three to six months to ensure that the osseointegration process, when the jawbone fuses with the titanium implant, is successful. Next, the permanent abutment and restoration tooth on top will be placed, completing the procedure.

If the quality or density of your jawbone isn’t exactly in optimum condition, your dentist will recommend the two-stage implant procedure. During the procedure, your dentist will place a cover screw directly over your implant and close the gum as the implantation sit heals.

After some time, you’ll come to your dentist to have the implant uncovered and attached with a healing cap. Once successful osseointegration has taken place, the cap will be removed to make way for the attachment of the abutment, which will connect with the restoration tooth on top.

Implant Dentistry: Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits usually span a couple of months while your implant heals, with regular checkups to check the implant’s progress, function, and stability. You should continue to do your oral hygiene routine diligently and follow your dentist’s instructions to help ensure the success of your dental implantation surgery.

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